The Exchange

When a long-forgotten college acquaintance sends Kate McMillan a friend request on a social media site, it seems harmless enough. But what follows sets off a chain of events, which puts her beloved family at risk and her very life in grave danger.

Homicide Detective Mark Bartelli is part of a highly trained task force assigned to serve and protect. He’s also deeply attracted to Kate. When a dangerous stalker kidnaps Kate, he vows to move heaven and earth to find her.

THE EXCHANGE digs deep into the psyche of a deranged killer, who has a singular goal and one deadly obsession—Kate McMillan.

Patricia Hudson was born in Wales, U.K. As a young girl she moved to America with her family and currently resides on a small horse farm in central Illinois, with her husband, David, two dogs, and her beloved quarter horse.
She has written seven books: Stolen Hearts released in 2013. The Call, Love on the Double T, Love’s Deception, and The Exchange to be published in 2015. Also in production are The Circle, and Jana Morgan, PI.
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